To "Arise" also means to attain the next level; higher level than the former - an upward movement; no one ever spirals down and rise, you can only arise upward. Encumbrances may be weighing you down, sins and yokes may be pulling you down, perhaps its debt or sickness, peer pressure or alcohol, expect to get up this month in Jesus name. The God of the Breakthrough, the Creator of the Universe, The One who holds the whole world in His hands commands “ARISE” in this month for His glory is risen upon you, Ascend to greater heights because the LORD, the Burden Remover, will destroy every yoke that is holding you down in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

ARISE means to emerge, to become apparent or visible, to spring up, to come into action or being, or become noticed, to become operative, get up or to stand up as from a lying or sitting position. Therefore what this means is that you are expected to come out of obscurity during this month and enter into everlasting light of God.




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